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Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was introduced to this band by a friend of mine in my first year.He claimed it was the best band at present and might be considered to be in league with metal giants like Slayer,Megadeth etc.After two years of being an Opeth listener,I can now surely say there's no way in hell he could be wrong.

The band has maintained their typical dark,spooky feel to their music.The vocalist-guitarist Michael Akerfeldt is a genius.He is a virtuoso at both clean and growling vocals.He is half the reason why Opeth is capable of such wide variations in their music,whilst still maintaining that spooky feel which defines them.The drummer is also incredibly talented in that he can consistently bring in variations in the beats and keep their 10+ minute songs free from monoteneity.

Although,the genre of the band is primarily progressive death,the band have tried their hand at mellow songs.Songs like "Harvest" and "To Bid You Farewell" are proof to the multi-dimensional talent overflowing in them.However their sound has evolved towards the heavier side over the years.

My favourite album is Deliverance.The band themselves claim it to be their heaviest piece.I personally think the album is probably one of the best metal albums ever.The sound is so brutally heavy and so startlingly original.The title track is a 13 minute long piece with some really powerful double bass drumming.The guitar solo in the interlude is just fabulous.

Personally,my favourite Opeth song is "Master's Apprentices".I just cant seem to get enough of that song.The intro itself is so damn powerful that you'd feel like crashing into your nearest wall right away.The guitar riffs accompanied by the double bass on the drums are just brilliant.It's amazing how they've introduced so many variations in a single song.

This and more Opeth for y'll here:

1.Master's Apprentices
3.A Grand Conjuration
4.To Bid You Farewell
5.Face of Melinda
6.Porcelain Heart
7.Heir Apparent
9.Hope Leaves
10.To Rid The Disease

So when you see some old ass complaining that there are no bands presently in league with Black Sabbath,Judas Priest and the other 70's giants,tell them bitches to suck it hard.Opeth has arrived and is here to stay. \m/


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Opeth = \m/, man. How could we have not gone to Chennai when they were there? :(

Next time, no matter what, we're going, ok?

June 29, 2010 at 10:12 PM  

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