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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Top 25 Favorite Death & Black Metal songs

These are some of the darkest, fiercest and most brutal songs I have ever heard. I suggest you listen to them and surrender yourself to the world of Total Fucking Darkness \m/.
P.S. For best results, hear the FLAC versions(hard to find, I know :P ) and ONLY on high-bass woofer systems or noise-eliminating headsets. And the list is in NO order of preference: So go ahead and take your pick !

1. Slaves shall serve - Behemoth
2. Carving a Giant – Gorgoroth
3. Mannequin- Cradle of Filth
4. Sorgens Kammer Del II – Dimmu Borgir
5. I am the Black Wizards- Emperor
6. The Pursuit of Vikings- Amon Amarth
7. Guardians of Asgaard- Amon Amarth
8. Black Crow on a Tombstone- Satyricon
9. Mother North- Satyricon
10.No Sympathy for fools- Behemoth
11.Sacrifice Unto Sebek-Nile
12.Nothing Left- As I Lay Dying
13.Monochromatic Stains- Dark Tranquility
14.Kissing the Shadows- Children of Bodom
15.Mourning Palace- Dimmu Borgir
16.Devil's Harlot- Ov Hell
17.Ascendant- Keep of Kalessin
18.Nemesis- Arch Enemy
19.Havenless- Enslaved
20.Tale of Revenge- Ensiferum
21.Ghostflowers- Otep
22.A Grand Conjuration- Opeth
23.Black Metal- Venom
24.Nymphetamine- Cradle of Filth
25.Hammer Smashed Face- Cannibal Corpse

Count Grishnackh " Conqueror of Rage "

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