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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jimi Hendrix

This was expected, wasn't it? But then, Lord Deng's first Mlog just has to have Dead God written on it, no? People ask, Why Dead God? or tell He's dead. So get over it. and all that. But then, Bhagat Singh's dead too. And so is Che. Are we over them? No. They did something great. And great-doers cannot be forgotten. Such is the case with Jimi Hendrix as well.

The reasons why he's considered such an amazing guitarist are obvious. As obvious as chocolate sauce on a chocolate-chocodip ice cream. Or maybe spiked black leather on Rob Halford. And those who don't appreciate his almost official title should either die, or read this Mlog.

As it might become quite strenuous for Lord Deng to write long shit early in the morning when he should be in deep slumbers instead, he will do it point wise, if he may. So, here are a few noteworthy reasons as to why people should get wasted on his birthday or get together and walk the cryway on his death anniversary.

1. He was born in November and died in September.

2. He learnt to play guitar by playing a broomstick.

3. His music feels like heaven.

Lord Deng first started to listen to Hendrix's numbers when he was emotionally unstable and was on the verge of a breakdown. He didn't come out it, as people would think he would have. On the contrary, owing to the extremely whee!-whoa! feel of his music, he became even more insane, which wouldn't have happened if he would have exposed himself to Behemoth instead(Yes, Count, I bow before thee), but he discovered a God nonetheless.

The world before Hendrix saw artists like B.B.King et al. The world before Hendrix saw clean and simple. Hendrix opened eyes to distortion, wah, and complex. His style was unique and full of versatility, something the world was unaware of. Led Zeppelin, yes. But Page's style wasn't blues. He was rather the pioneer of shredding. Hendrix gave the world a kind of music people were able to enjoy anytime, anywhere; be it getting wasted or driving a car or having sex.

With stage antics like using his teeth to play guitar, burning the guitar on stage, rolling all over the stage while playing, his concerts were dope for the eyes. The giant crowd of people that stayed back for an extra day at the Woodstock of '69, just to see his show, is the biggest piece of evidence. When I saw his performance at Woodstock, I was so shocked and surprised and fascinated that I had to control this urge to bring shit loads of booze and drink it all up in one go. I remember having had to settle with a coffee instead.

One great thing about Hendrix's music is, its so perfect, so articulate, that it can almost make one cry, if the mood's right, appropriate. And his vocals are so orgasmic(yes, orgasmic. :| Thou heard me right), well, I get an orgasm everytime I hear him sing. With popular blues bands like The Who and Ten Years After also in the spotlight, this curly haired guitarist gave the world something that they were not able to. Hendrix marked the onset of electric blues. He marked the onset of extensive Wah-use. One great example is Satriani's music, which is full of Wahs as he was a big fan of Hendrix.

Who should listen : People who like blues. People who dig weed.

Who shouldn't listen : People who like Psyopus(Seriously, if you like artists like Psyopus, there's nothing else EXCEPT Psyopus that you should be listening to).

What songs should a noob listen to :

All Along The Watchtower : My favorite song. Yes. All time favorite. This song has one of the best guitar leads the world of music has seen. Look out for the ghostly moaning sound in the third solo. Hendrix played that part using a cigarette lighter as a slide. Very very orgasmic.

Little Wing : Again, a wonderful song. Short but beautiful. Played using a weird, unique technique that is beyond the level of understanding of Lord Deng.

Purple Haze : This song's got a very weedy feel to it. Very popular, which is why its one of the songs people start listening to Hendrix with.

Voodoo Chile : That weedy thing again. And again, very popular.

Crosstown Traffic : Colorful song. Colorful vocals. Especially the chorus. I bet it'll have u singing along with it.

Hey Joe : One of the awesomest numbers by Hendrix. Also known for the I Shot The Sheriff-ish lyrics. Brilliant solo as well.

Red House : This song has to be the best song using the 12 bar blues progression, others as good as this being songs like Texas Flood and all.

Hey Baby(New Rising Sun) : Not that popular. Don't know why. Its got amazing guitar work and a feel-good feel to it.

Jelly 292 : Very radical. Something that should be played at a rave party. And no, not an ordinary rave party. One where stoned people dance naked and make out on the dance floor. That kind.

Izabella : Similar to Purple Haze.

Listen to these and I bet you'll be hooked to Hendrix before you can say Mlog. Its difficult to say it anyway. Its sad that someone like him died at a small age. 27! I wish he was still alive. The music scene would have been so radically different. And people, much happier. The world would have been a more peaceful place than it is now. But since he's not, all I can say is, may he rest in peace.

Biggest Hendrix Fan,
William Deng Deng K.

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posted by William Deng-Deng K. at 4:45 AM


I was waiting for it since yesterday!!All Hail the Dead God man!!My personal favourite picks would be "Purple Haze" and "Hey Joe".I love the way he shoots his lady down!!:DHis music gives you the supreme feeling of indifference to anything in this world.



December 1, 2009 at 6:55 AM  

Ah...Despite claiming to be hooked on to good music all the time , here is one artist 'God' I just haven't listened to :( . High time I give a shot to blues :) . And b4 i forget , welcome to the Mlog !!

December 1, 2009 at 8:37 PM  

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