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Saturday, January 9, 2010


Blackfield is an amazing collaboratory musical group between Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and Israeli rock star Aviv Geffen. In other words, it’s a side-project of Wilson.

Contrary to the general trend, I was hooked on to Blackfield far earlier and in a much greater degree than the immensely popular Porcupine Tree band. I wouldn't blame anyone claiming to be a huge fan of PTree or even Wilson for that matter to have heard of Blackfield. Blackfield for one is a side project with very few live performances round the year(some not even including Wilson !!! )and just 2 albums old.

If you are a big Porcupine Tree fan and want to discover as much of Steven Wilson's music as possible, you have another musical fiesta to enjoy in the form of Blackfield. The music is incredibly beautiful, the lyrics very bohemian and there is an underlying thread of melancholy which is more strongly visible than the songs of PTree. Aviv’s musical sense and backing vocals add an exotic flavor to Wilson’s established style.

Personal Note :

So far every single soul I have recommended this band to has thoroughly savoured it; more importantly this blog's co-authors-cum-music aficionados who have unlike me, been for longtime listeners of other bands in this genre of music.

Speaking about Steven Wilson and his compositions, I have literally no words to describe the musical genius he is and the impact his music has on me. Very few things/people in my life can bring a smile or a deep sense of relief to me irrespective of the mood I am in and 'Blackfield' definitely is second to the top there :D. Sadly, for no GOOD reason whatsoever I made the grave mistake of recently not attending the Ptree concert in Bombay. Not a lifetime of listening to them or Blackfield on my PC is gonna compensate for that ‘eargasm’ of a Live experience :( .

Anyway, here are a few songs I recommend strongly:

Album : Blackfield-I

Cloudy Now
Perfect World
The Hole in Me

Album : Blackfield-II

My Gift of Silence
Where is my Love
End of the World

And incase, you are left wanting more ( which I am darn sure you will be :P ), I suggest you check them out on Youtube or or Hell, listen to all the songs in both their albums( only 20 odd songs should be NO BIG DEAL for you, eh :P ).

Cheers !!
Count Grishnackh

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posted by Nikhil at 4:41 AM


I was expecting Dimmu Borgir or Filth here..:)Anyway,Blackfield is awesome,dude..One of your very few suggestions that have actually appealed to me:)'Eargasm' it is..And fellow sinner,you should have done PTree..You had a fuckin' chance..And btw,nice blog skin!!

January 9, 2010 at 11:31 AM  

Oh!! Very few suggestions have appealed to you, eh ?? So your nod to Bodom, Filth, Borgir and Behemoth were all just pretence :D, was it ?? :| Anyways glad you liked Blackfield truly :P.

Cheers !!

January 9, 2010 at 7:01 PM  

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