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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Slayer.You've got to say the word with your eye balls protruding and a powerful voice with an expression of ultimate supremacy silencing the world around you.As evidently seen on this blog,I'm presently on a thrash metal listening spree and will now pay my respects to the band that defined thrash metal in it's true sense,arguably the biggest of "The Big Four".

Slayer is what you need when your mind thinks of blood,corpses,decapitations,painful deaths and the gory details.It's dark,sinister riffs get my mind on a voyage through some haunted cemetery under a pale grey sky.The vocalist,Tom Araya also brings a shade of pain in his extremely energetic voice.And of course,the brilliant solos by Kerry King and Hanneman are just unmockable.That's a factor that makes Slayer so different from any other band.

Slayer has proved it's worth right from their  first album,"Show No Mercy".You can almost imagine a brutal moshpit clouded with dust when you listen to the intro for "Black Magic".In their next album they gave us "Hell Awaits" and "Necrophiliac".However,their storming success came from their third album "Reign in Blood" in the year of thrash,1986.It succeeded in giving the world a kind of music never heard before.

While their lyrics might seem neo-nazi,the vocalist has made it clear that they are merely interested in Nazism,and do not necessarily advocate it's principles.Although a transition is seen in the band's music over the years,the energy in it has not reduced one bit.It now enjoys critical acclaim too having won the Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance" for two consecutive years.

The succeeding albums "South Of Heaven" and "Seasons in The Abyss" continued with it's dark spooky riffs.The title tracks of both albums are phenomenal.In the albums "God Hates Us All"  and "Christ Illusion",the music is a little different.Nevertheless,till date Slayer continues to give the thrash lovers what they yearn for,even in their latest album "World Painted Blood".

The music might not appeal to one and all.But if you listen too,then listen to and get slain:

Raining Blood
Angel Of Death
Altar Of Sacrifice
Blood Red
Seasons In The Abyss
South Of Heaven
Mandatory Suicide
Psychopathy Red
Eyes Of The Insane
Blood Red



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